16 February 2022 True Gum: a 100% natural chewing gum.

Danish eco-friendly pastille company True Gum was launched from a kitchen table in 2018, has grown to become one of Europe’s fastest-growing gum producers. True Gum is a 100% natural chewing gum, without any petrochemical additives, sugar-free and biodegradable, allowing you to stay true to your eco-friendly, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

It is made from the sap gum of Manilkara zapota, a tropical fruit tree that grows in the jungle of Central America. It is sweetened only with xylitol and stevia and is present in over 15,000 shops in Europe.

All True Gum products are made in its green chewing gum factory in Copenhagen through transparent production processes. The company also supports the preservation of endangered cardamom rainforests in Cambodia.

The brand is present in the Continente’s Food Lab innovation islands and Continente Online, with 4 flavours to suit all tastes: Mint, Strong Mint, Ginger & Turmeric and Liquorice & Eucalyptus.

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