We Deliver Focus on both market and brands needs

What we do can be summed up in two different areas: first we identify growth oportunity for brands. Second, we act on these opportunities to achieve the brands’ goals.

We Deliver

How We Help Our Brands We adapt the business model to fit your brand:

Everything starts at JMD’s knowledge and experience of the market. Our teams will constantly read and screen the market for a solid diagnosis and opportunity finding for your brand. After reading the market, at JMD your Brand will have a dedicated team that will build a detailed yearly plan for your brand to grow, and that will manage the Brand’s plan execution every day.

At JMD your Brand will be present in all the relevant channels and in all the clients. JMD has a full national coverage of the market with commercial relations with all the purchasing centrals of the market. We are able to place your brand in high distribution levels in Modern Retail, Wholesalers, HORECA, Independent Stores and Ecommerce. Our team is focused in developing leading brands in their categories, so we always aim at maximizing your portfolio distribution potential.

At JMD, perfect execution is more than having a solid store visit routine. We execute at the level of the best in the industry, and that means:

  • Efficient new product launches
  • Skus with maximized distribution levels
  • Impactful brand communication instore
  • Focus on on shelf availability
  • High number of instore visits with a dedicated team in all regions

Our model is flexible to your specific needs, but it is your choice. At JMD your Brand will be taken care of from end to end. Forecast, storage, control and delivery to clients are all on our side.


Sales Team How we focus our team

We’re lucky to count on a team of 14 sales representatives distributed all over continental Portugal.

Keeping Brands On Our Side