04 March 2022 Space Food: soup season is back.

Soup season is back... but now in capsules!

Would you like to get home and have a soup ready in 30 seconds? Not everyone at home is a fan of soups of the same flavour? Are you tired of eating the same soup at meal after meal?

With the new Space Food soup capsules you can include a vegetable soup in your daily meals without much effort and in a practical and convenient way. All you need is a Dolce Gusto machine and these soup capsules always at hand!

Pleasing everyone will no longer be a headache. Now everyone will be able to choose the soup they want. Between leek, mushrooms and tomato, just choose, put the capsule in the machine and voila! Besides, you can choose a new flavour every day.

Oh, and if you're already imagining a coffee dripping with soup, don't worry! We promise that the soup won't influence the taste of your coffee, and vice versa.
And because we never forget our planet, both the capsules and the packaging are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

The products are present in the Continente’s Food Lab innovation islands and Continente Online.

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