20 October 2022 New Sriracha sauce from Tabasco in Portugal

TABASCO® Sriracha Sauce is inspired by the original Thai chili topping, but made by the brand that created the iconic pepper sauce in 1868. A twist on the classic recipe, the Sriracha sauce made by the McIlhenny family is a skillful blend of spicy, sweet and savoury flavours of Southeast Asia — with a touch of classic TABASCO® Brand heat. Capturing the spirit of the traditional hot sauce, TABASCO® Sriracha Sauce is gluten, fat and preservative-free. Vegan and vegetarian friendly, the sauce contains high quality ingredients that are Halal, Kosher and non-GMO. With no artificial ingredients that you can’t pronounce, TABASCO® Sriracha Sauce has the sweet chillies and garlic flavours you’d expect, blended with the signature barrel-aged pepper mash for that extra peppery kick.

The product is already available on Sonae stores. 

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