12 October 2022 Lotus Biscoff spread now available in the retail market

The Belgian brand Lotus is known for its famous Biscoff cookies (Bis from “biscuit” + Coff from “coffee”) commonly served with coffee, once when together the two flavors are the perfect combination.

JMD had already the spread 1,6Kg on its portfolio (foodservice format) used for the confection of deserts and ice creams.

The new 400g format allows the Portuguese consumers to enjoy this delicious spread, ideal for spreading on bread, pancakes, crepes, waffers or even for making homemade desserts, such as a magnificent Lotus cheesecake.

The Lotus Biscoff 400g spread is already available on Sonae stores, at a rRSP of €4.99. Don't miss the opportunity to taste it!

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