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JMD Certification - ISO 9001: 2008

In December 2012 JMD obtained the certification for its management in accordance with the standard ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality Management in December. This certification is the source of great pride for the Company as it reinforces its policy of quality and is yet another differentiating factor from the rest of JMD’s competitors. With the implementation of the system of quality management, the eight principles of quality management have now been strengthened across the entire organisation: 

  • Client Focus
  • Leadership
  • Employee involvement
  • Process approach
  • Management approach following a System (QMS)
  • Continuous improvement
  • Decision making based on facts
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers

The idea for this project came from the Managing Director at the time, Juan Giralt, who included the certification as one of the company’s strategic objectives for the period 2011-2013, in an attempt to strengthen the company’s reputation and to give an even greater guarantee of the quality and compliance of its services to its business partners, its represented brands and clients. 

The implementation phase for this project lasted around 18 months, with the support of a consultancy specializing in Quality, IQA. In this phase, the entire documental structure of the company’s various processes that are directly related to its organizational structure were systematized. This included: the identification of new business, the management of represented brands and proprietary brands, commercial management, supply chain, HR management, planning of the Quality management system and strategic and financial planning. 

After the implementation phase, there was an internal audit of the system, and by November, a certification audit, carried out by Apcer in two phases. After the submission of an action plan, the JMD certification was awarded on the 18th December. 

However, the process does not stop there, as the certifying body, Apcer, will carry out a monitoring audit in the next two years to confirm the proper implementation of the system.  Furthermore, this is a live process that does not end simply with the award of the certificate, from the perspective of the continuous identification of opportunities for improvement.

Therefore, this certification reinforces JMD’s commitment to a culture of excellence and to sustained growth in quality for its represented brands and clients.