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Founded in 1985, JMD is the largest Portuguese distributor and the oldest unit of the Jerónimo Martins Group. It is dedicated to the provision of services of representation and distribution of national and international brands in Portugal, on an exclusive basis.

Despite not being the owner of the majority of the brands and not being involved in their production, JMD plays a crucial role in establishing a bridge between its represented brands and the different distribution channels in Portugal. As well as offering thorough and specialized knowledge of the Portuguese market and consumer to its brands, JMD defines brand strategy and guarantees its implementation, assuming a fundamental role in the construction and development of brands in Portugal. In this way, JMD carries out various functions along the value chain of its represented brands, including the development of the brand, sales and distribution.

Based on its own business activity, JMD has developed two of its own brands, Jerónimos and Jermar, for which it is responsible not only for the distribution and development of the brands, but also their production. The Jerónimos brand dates back to the origins of the Group in 1792 and has been, since then, a symbol of tradition and quality. Its range is made up of cooking ingredients, both supplementary and ready-prepared, and includes products as diverse as gelatin sheets, potato flakes, oatmeal, shredded coconut, coconut milk, chocolate and cocoa powder, condiments and various preserves.