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Message from the Sales Director:


Message from the Finance, Logistics and IT Director:

JMD’s structure for distribution and logistical operations is one of its building blocks that allows it be a leading partner and to provide a high-quality service to its clients, along the supply chain. For this it relies on a logistics partner, subcontracted, which is equipped with all the necessary specifications for the proper storage and conservation of brands from its portfolio, including temperature control and warehouse size and capacity, among others. This warehouse, in Carregado, supports and ensures the high level of service JMD provides to its partners. Guaranteeing national coverage and, for this reason, maintaining close relations with its clients in Food Distribution in areas as diverse as Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Cash and Carries and other alternative channels such as small retail shops, petrol stations, cafés, restaurants and kiosks.

JMD has a broad sales structure that allows it to reach all types of clients. In the hypermarket segment, it visits all shops of this type in the country. Likewise, 54% of all supermarkets, a total of 959 shops, are visited directly. In the wholesale channel, JMD prides itself on covering 100% of all Cash and Carries, a total of 119 shops where JMD is present. 

Alongside its clients, JMD maintains relations with 58 distributors that cover traditional trade and the HoReCa channel throughout Portugal and its territories, in a total of 37.600 points of sale, including the Azores and Madeira. This is made possible not just thanks to internal efficiency, with a team that strives daily to strengthen and further relations with their clients, but also due to the work developed with its logistics partner, which allows it to have shorter response times and thus develop closer proximity with its clients.