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The success built over the past 221 years of JM Group’s history is founded upon a strong skillset, which JMD strives constantly to develop further:

Managing a large and diverse portfolio of products. JMD is now responsible for the representation of 21 companies, with 34 brands in the food division, present in different segments of the market. This has been a major factor in contributing to the vast experience of JMD’s Marketing and Sales teams that face a wide range of different situations on a daily basis.  

More than the management of brands or products, the management of categories. JMD aims to be a specialist in all the categories in which it is present to strengthen the performance of its brands and to provide an excellent service to its clients.

Credibility, reliability and trust.

Independence in relation to its clients. JMD characterizes itself as being an impartial player in the market, with a tradition and reputation that prove this continuous effort to develop the business of each of its clients.  

A highly trained, qualified and specialized Marketing and Sales team.

In-depth knowledge of the Portuguese market, the companies that operate within it and its consumers. This allows JMD to define the best strategies for its represented brands, guaranteeing its positioning within the current context of the Portuguese market.

Dedicated teams for Exports and Development of new sales channels. A pillar of JMD is innovation, and it strives always to meet the requirements of its clients to strengthen the growth of the brands.

Establishment of long-term relationships with its partners, whose satisfaction with the service provided means that JMD maintains lasting partnerships, some more than 30 years old. All reductions in JMD’s portfolio are due to consolidation in the market or strategic decisions taken by clients.

Information and technology systems that add to the strength of the service provided:

·         Orders in EDI;

·         Automation of salesforce, allowing for greater mobility;

·         A system for sharing information with clients with online access to various business indicators. Microstrategy, the system that allows for the sharing of information in a simple and fast way with partners.