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Many of the brands represented by JMD are market-leaders in the categories in which they operate both in their home country and some on a worldwide level. One of JMD’s objectives is to ensure the gradual and sustained growth of its represented brands in order to build positions of leadership in the national market and to contribute to the brand’s performance on a global scale. The proof of this strategy’s success can be seen in the awards and certificates that are repeatedly awarded to brands represented by JMD: more or less every year one of its products is awarded a prize for its market performance. In this context, highlights include: 

Product of the Year 2012

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Taste of the Year 2011

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Marcas que Marcam 2011

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The “Product of the Year” is a prestigious certification that values innovation in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector, through an independent study joint with consumers. Participating products that present unique innovations are recognized as such and can benefit from a vast range of advantages offered to winners of the Product of the Year Certificate.

The brand ViveSoy was selected as Product of the Year 2012 in the Soy Drinks category. 

A distinction won by the Qb sauces from Guloso in Doypacks. This is a reward given exclusively by consumers that vote for the candidate products after a blind taste test. 

The second edition of the guide “Marcas que Marcam” edited by QSP marketing consultancy in partnership with the Diário Económico and Yellow Street, lists the 1700 brands with the greatest notoriety according to the opinions of the Portuguese people, based on a quantitative study together with the general public, through on-site interviews about spontaneous notoriety. The study was put to 312 people who indicated which brands they knew in various categories. Kellogg’s was selected as the brand with the greatest spontaneous notoriety in Portugal in 2011 in the cereals category. The study also highlighted the brands Sunquick, Lindt, Merci, After Eight, Baci and Buitoni for their notoriety in their respective categories. 

Taste of the Year 2010

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A distinction won by ViveSoy, of the Leche Pascual Group. This is a reward given exclusively by consumers that vote for the candidate products after a blind taste test.