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Lorenz is a German brand specialising in snacks and potato chips born in 1889. Its positioning is based on continuing support of quality through the selection of the best ingredients and constant innovation.


Lorenz products are widely distributed through the main companies of modern distribution sector, such as: Pingo Doce, Sonae, Intermarché, El Corte inglés, E. Leclerc, Apolónia, among others. This brand’s products enjoy high levels of acceptance in tourist areas, above all in the Algarve and the Islands, as well as with traditional clients.

The brand’s strategy in Portugal places importance on its dynamism in the appetizer market, given that the portfolio of products offers a competitive advantage in terms of differentiation, innovation and quality.   

The period with the greatest turnover of these products is normally during the summer months.


In this segment, the brand offers a wide range of high quality products, sufficiently different and innovative compared with the competition. From salted snacks made from wheat to its differentiating products: crunchy potato snacks with a bacon flavour, corn snacks with a peanut flavour and even peanuts flavoured with either paprika or wasabi. 

Potato chips

The brand offers two ranges: its original salted Crunchips, or paprika-flavoured; and Pomsticks, in the same flavours but stick-shaped.