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Founded in 1906 in the United States, Kellogg’s is a well-known international brand, specialising in breakfast cereal products. A world leader in this category, Kellogg’s is a versatile brand with a wide range of products, suited to the tastes and demands of consumers from 8 to 80 years old

Present in Portugal since 1978, with JMD as its representative and distributor, Kellogg’s is the market leader for Diet Cereals with Special K, Fibre cereals with All Bran, Cornflakes and Adult Cereal Bars.  

One of the key distinguishing features of this brand, further to its large investment in Marketing and Innovation, is its concern for the well-being of its consumers. Joining a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet is the company’s motto. This premise is reflected in everything the brand offers to its consumers – bringing together the highest quality, the best taste, always with the essential nutritional properties for a balanced diet. 


Kellogg’s has a strong presence in the international market, built up over the century of its existence: currently, the brand is produced in more than 18 countries and sold in more than 180 countries around the world (leading the market in 177).

In Portugal, Kellogg’s is an historic brand that enjoys a high level of recognition among consumers. Present in the Portuguese market for more than three decades, it holds premier position both on the continent and in the Islands, in both the retail and wholesale channels.

In the retail sector, Kellogg’s has earned total coverage, and is currently available in various stores throughout the country: in the shops of the Jerónimo Martins Group, the Sonae Group, the Auchan Group, Intermarché, E.Leclerc, Dia and El Corte Inglés.


Kellogg’s offers a wide range of products that cover various segments – Adult Cereals (Diet, Fibre and others), Family (Corn Flakes), Children (Chocolate cereals and others) and Cereal Bars – Adult (Diet and Fibre) and Children (Chocolate and others).


Kellogg’s sets the standard in this segment with its range of Special K cereals, made up of various types of delicious crunchy toasted rice and wheat flakes, either plain (Special K) or with added ingredientes – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and strawberries, red fruits, whole oats and honey, yoghurt and crunchy pieces -, that help to maintain a healthy diet. Recently, the brand improved the formula for its Special K cereals. Adding another grain, barley, to the wheat and rice. This improves the nutritional value of the cereal, increases the amount of fibre and adds wholegrains.


The brand is the fiber segment leader with its range of All Bran cereals. Toasted flakes of wholegrain wheat enriched with bran and wheat. Plain, with chocolate (in pillow shapes) or with added ingredients, All Bran cereals have all the benefits of fiber and wheat to help regulate digestive health.


Kellogg’s leads this segment with its Corn Flakes. Traditional toasted corn flakes.


Tasty crunchy cereals with vitamins and minerals for a delicious breakfast. Kellogg's first product targeted for male consumers.


Specifically for the tastes of children, Kellogg’s has a specially-developed range of chocolate cereals, that still help to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. This range includes well-known brands such as Choco Krispies, Chocos  and Tresor (Chocolate and Hazelnuts and White Chocolate).


Also a part of this brand’s range are children’s cereals made with honey, rice and other delicious ingredientes. This range includes such iconic names as Rice Krispies, Smacks, Frosties and Miel Pops.


In an attempt to adapt to the increasingly active and busy lifestyle of its consumers, Kellogg’s even offers cereal bars in the adult and children segments. In the Adult segment, it has Diet bars (Special K Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Red Fruits). And in 2012, Kellogg’s launched its new Special K Biscuit Moments. These are crunchy bars filled with a Strawberry, Chocolate or Caramel compote, topped with delicious chocolate or vanilla. A bar with a flavour and texture like nothing you’ve ever tried…and with only 49kcal.


Also in the Adult segment, it has Fiber bars (All Bran Plain, Chocolate and in a slightly different format with a Fruit and Fibre cake).


In the Children’s segment, it offers children’s chocolate cereal bars (Choco Krispies) and recently it expanded into Children’s Others with its brand new Frosties bar.