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As a brand, Jerónimos is undoubtedly synonymous with quality and reliability.  

Values: Quality, Reliability and  Tradition.

Founded by the Jerónimo Martins group in 1792, it has followed the growth of the group over the years.  

It is present in the chains of our main retail and wholesale clients.

A large part of its business is based on exports, with over 50% growth in 2012.

Jerónimos’ portfolio includes cooking ingredients, complements and prepared foods.   

In 2009, Jerónimos underwent a rebranding that made it more modern and appealing. This contributed to the rejuvenation of the brand, bringing it closer to today’s consumer. This was a milestone in Jerónimos’ history, setting it up for a challenging, diversified and innovative future 


It is a brand with a long tradition that has been in the Portuguese market for many years, both on the Continent and in the Islands, in the retail and wholesale channels.

In the retail sector, Jerónimos has gained wide coverage and is sold in Grupo Jerónimo Martins, Sonae, Auchan, Lidl, E.Leclerc, Dia and  El Corte Inglés chains.

Jerónimos is a strong brand that is constantly searching for new innovations and new areas of the market into which to expand, reaching very interesting levels of performance as a result. 


The Jerónimos brand has a wide range of cooking ingredients, both ready-prepared and complementary.  

Coking Ingredients 

In the segment cooking ingredients, Jerónimos has a vast range, including potato flakes, oat flakes, gelatine sheets, powdered cocoa and chocolate. This propriety brand of the Jerónimo Martins Group also sells dried grated cheese and breadcrumbs to help put the finishing touches to all sorts of meals and recipes. 


The Jerónimos range has a complete selection of seasonings to make cooking easier and the meals tastier. It includes hot sauce and various condiments, such as garlic paste and ground pepper, among others. 


Canned Goods

The range of canned goods consists of canned sweetcorn and three types of olives, both plain and filled. 


Two types of coconut milk, regular and light. Being very high quality and competitively priced, we have been able to reinforce the brand’s presence in yet another category.