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El Mandarin

El Mandarin is a traditional and leading brand in the segment of sugar-free, instant desserts. It has been present in the Portuguese market for 49 years and has won the loyalty of its clients through its concern for the quality of its products, making it the market leader for these types of sugar-free desserts

JMD has been the exclusive distributor of the brand since 2008, despite being the brand’s representative since 1970.  


El Mandarin holds an important position both on the Continent and the islands, in retail and wholesale channels. In the retail sector, El Mandarin has gained wide coverage and is sold in Grupo Jerónimo Martins, Sonae, Auchan, Intermarché, E.Leclerc and Dia chains. 


El Mandarin’s range of products consists of Puding and Crème Brulée. Its variety means it can be prepared as a dessert in its own right, or used as a base for other, more elaborate and refined desserts. Each portion requires 0.5L of milk. Hot confection.


Crème Brulée