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Founded by Merisant, Canderel was introduced into the Portuguese market in 1983. Its exclusive representation by JMD began in September 2005.

Specialising in sweeteners, Canderel was the first brand to produce aspartame-based sweeteners, offering a healthy alternative to sugar and giving consumers greater choice.

Canderel is a dynamic and distinctive brand that is always looking to innovate based on consumer needs. As well as taking great care with the quality of their products, Canderel places a large emphasis on nutrition. A clear leader in the sweetener market, the brand constantly attempts to show consumers that healthy products are also of a high quality. Canderel products are recommended for those suffering from diabetes, as they do not affect blood glucose or insulin levels.   

In 2012, Canderel launched its Green range, made with extracts from the stevia plant, a South American plant that has existed for over a thousand years. It offers a natural alternative to sugar to meet the needs of consumers who are looking for natural, healthy products. 


In Portugal, Canderel enjoys a good level of recognition from consumers. It has been present in the Portuguese market for a long time, both on the continent and the islands, in both wholesale and retail channels. In the retail sector, Canderel has gained wide coverage and is sold in Jerónimo Martins Group, Sonae, Auchan, Intermarché, E.Leclerc, Dia and El Corte Inglés chain.


Canderel Red is the market leader with a 51% share of the market in value.

Canderel Green is the market leader in the stevia segment with a 92% share of the market in value. 



The Red range is made up of three different segments. The brand’s offering is ruled by the diversity of its products for home use as well as easy transportation. The range includes Dispensers, a convenient format for transport, easy to fit in a lady’s bag or a man’s pocket; Sticks, powdered sweetener for individual consumption that are easy to use; and Containers of powdered sweetener which can be used for cooking, both hot and cold, without losing its properties.

Canderel Stevia

The Green range is Canderel’s most recent range. It is both innovative and natural, following the trend of healthy living. Unlike the Red range, the Green range consists of four segments, including Dispensers, Sticks, Powdered Sweetener, and the latest innovations, Granules, a natural sweetener with the texture of sugar and zero calories. Canderel Green Granules are perfect for all cooking recipes, including those using an oven. And Cane Sugar with Stevia.


In its range of chocolates, Canderel has developed a powdered chocolate with 50% fewer calories, containing 51% cocoa, Cankao. This product can be consumed in a number of ways, both hot and cold, with either water or milk.