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Funded by Pietro Barilla in 1877 in Parma in the north of Italy, it still being a family corporate, maintaining its values and tradition in the process of making the real Italian pasta.

“Give people food that you would give your own children” is the lighthouse created by Pietro Barilla which remains until nowadays, where the fourth generation of the family takes care of the business.

 In Portugal, it is represented by Jerónimo Martins Distribuição de Produtos de Consumo since May 2015, with a range of Pasta and Sauces for Pasta, making the Pasta meal concept easy, tasty, and accessible to everyone.

In the production process, Barilla pays special attention to the quality, controlling in a very strict way all the process involved from seed to the final product. Barilla only chooses raw materials that comply to the high standards of the company.


Barilla is present both on Mainland and in Portuguese islands (Azores and Madeira), in retail,  wholesale and HORECA channels. In the retail channel, the brand has gained wide coverage and is available in various stores nationwide: it is currently sold in Jerónimo Martins Group, Sonae, Auchan, Intermarchè, E.Leclerc and El Corte Inglés chains.


Barilla range is relatively broad, and includes a variety of Italian Pasta and Sauces for Pasta.

Dry Pasta

This is Barilla’s main segment, and the one for which it is best known. Barilla’s range of dry pasta is quite diverse, including traditional types of long cuts and short cuts such as spaghetti, bavette, tortiglioni fusilli, farfalle and penne rigate. 

There is a special range, La Collezione, where there is the Mezze Penne Tricolore, as well as the pasta with egg (lasagna uovo and tagliatelle uovo).

Sauces For Pasta

The range of sauces for pasta are the ideal complement to Barilla’s pasta.

Like the pasta range, Barilla’s sauces are made with only high quality row materials, and mix perfectly with the pasta. There are 4 varieties of sauces available: Pesto à la Genovese, Napolitana, Basilico e Bolonhesa.