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A Brand with humble origins, which dates back to an Indian family, immigrated to the UK in 1956. From the beginning it was a family business in which all the elements had their role. Grandmother elaborated sauces in their small kitchen and the father of the current CEO was in charge of making deliveries to all parts of London.

The business grew and expanded, making Patak’s the benchmark in sauces and Indian spices in the UK, and later internationalized to reach the most diverse geographies. It is currently chaired by Anjali Pathak and has 700 employees worldwide.

For the consumer who likes curry and different flavors, Patak's is the reference.  A Brand passionate for the quality of its products and recipes, and which goal is to take this wonderful cuisine to everybody. 


In 1958 the Pathak family opened a Street store. This is where the first Patak’s spice paste was sold. Patak’s Chairman was so proud of his family’s recipes that he decided to keep them top secret. Patak’s still has the same pride and care in its products today: only four people are allowed to know the secret spice blend recipes. "Spices are the life and soul of every Indian dish. They're what gives the food life and makes the flavours dance. My dad, and his dad before him, always instinctively understood this. That's why they always insisted on only buying the very best spices that they could find." Anjali Pathak In Portugal Patak’s range is very complete with Cooking Sauces, Spice Pastes, Chutneys and Pappadums.

Cooking Sauces

The delicious range of Indian cooking sauces make it supremely simple to cook the real curry at home. The hard work has been done by selecting and blending authentic herbs and spices with tomatoes or cream- crafting family recipes that have been perfected over many generations. So all one need to do then, is open, pour over meat or vegetables and cook.

Spice Pastes

The Patak’s spice pastes make the most authentic tasting curries. Patak's pastes are all made from top secret family recipes, and are a blend of specially selected, authentic spices preserved in oil.


Pappadums are one of the most popular snacks in India and they are eaten with most meals. Traditionally in India they are shaped by hand, rolled into discs and dried in the sun. Patak’s chutneys make a delicious dip or accompaniment to curry dishes. Alternatively then can also be tried with sandwiches or cold meat to give an Indian twist to an everyday meal. Raita is a classic accompaniment to Indian dishes with yogurt, herbs and cucumber. Usually used as a dip for pappadums, it is also delicious with curry. The Patak’s Raita is a combination of yogurt, mint and cucumber, tasty and refreshing with a spicy curry.