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The Amoy Brand was founded in 1908 with a strong foundation in the quality and reliability of its products throughout generations. With over 100 years of history, this century-old Brand is strong in its origin land, Hong Kong, with quality products and delivering solutions to the needs of its consumers.

In 2006, the Japanese multinational Ajinomoto Co. Inc. was confident about the future of Amoy and purchased the Brand. Headquartered in Hong Kong and focused on international markets, began its expansion to Asia, America and Europe through subsidiaries or distributors.

The Amoy Brand represents the universe of Oriental food, with excellent Asian products which can be prepared quickly and easily.


From Straight to Wok noodles and stir fry sauces to soy, the Amoy range has everything you need to make incredibly easy Asian meals. Amoy helps you transform everyday vegetables, fish or meat into an exciting and great tasting meal, any day of the week.


Chow Mein - An irresistible blend of soy sauce, spring onions and fresh ginger. Just add vegetables, chicken or pork and Amoy Straight to Wok medium noodles.

Peanut Satay - An enticing blend of roasted peanuts and ground spices. Just add vegetables, chicken or pork and Amoy Straight to Wok medium noodles.

Sweet Thai Chilli - A delicate balance of spicy red chillies with sugar and vinegar. Just add vegetables, prawns or chicken and Amoy Straight to Wok medium noodles.

Black Bean - An aromatic blend of black beans, shallots and ginger. Just add vegetables, beef and Amoy Straight to Wok medium noodles.

Soy Sauce

Amoy soy sauce is wonderfully versatile. Add when frying or grilling meat or vegetables to bring out the flavor or add a splash to enrich casseroles, soups or stews. Dark and Light versions available.


Fresh noodles, straight to wok.