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Arla Foods is a Danish dairy products company, a result of the cooperative union of various Danish, Swedish and German farm owners and milk producers. It has production centres in 13 countries and sales offices in more than 20. Arla owns a series of brands of cheese that are well-positioned and recognised, above all in Northern Europe.

Lurpak is one of the world’s most famous brands of butter. It has its roots back in 1901, when Danish milk producers and their cooperatives joined together to protect their quality butter, under the brand “Lurmark”.

Lurpak butter is made with fresh Danish cream with a touch of salt, giving it a distinctive taste. It has been represented by JMD since 2010.


Lurpak is sold worldwide, even being served on board certain flights. It is the market leader for butter in Denmark, the UK and Greece.

In Portugal, its presence is limited essentially to the south of the country. 


Lurpak currently has two products available in Portugal:


Lurpak spreadable and slightly salted and Lurpak with salt.