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Leche Pascual


The Leche Pascual Group is an entirely Spanish-owned family company. In 1969, Tomás Pascual began a small dairy cooperative that was the foundation of the Leche Pascual Group, which grew from selling just one product, milk, into a Group with a clear commitment to internationalization through commercializing its key brands in more than 70 countries, operating in various segments of the market. Leader in quality and innovation in the milk sector in Spain, the group has a portfolio of over 300 products, 12 factories and more than 2,500 employees

The deep understanding of the food market has made the Leche Pascual Group a perfect partner for Jerónimo Martins, Distribuição de Produtos de Consumo since September 2010. Recently, in 2012, the whole strategic plan for Portugal was redefined with the intention of integrating Portugal into the Iberian division, removing it from the international division to which it had belonged until then. This change reflects the Group’s commitment to investment in the Portugal to make it one of its key markets.

The common objective involves the consolidation of the Group’s brands in the Portuguese market by implementing the group’s value proposal: “To be the leader for innovation, production and distribution of healthy and high-quality food products based on solid brands”. 


The Leche Pascual Group is already an international company, its brands being commercialized in 74 countries on 5 continents, joining innovation, quality and convenience – through its offering of healthy food products.

In Portugal, the brand’s strategic segments are clearly soy products – soy and juice drinks – sold under the brand name VIVESOY; dairy products PASCUAL brand yoghurts and desserts – long-life and that do not need to be refrigerated until opened thanks to the pasteurization process after fermentation that maintains the nutritional values intact, without preservatives, thereby increasing the opportunities to enjoy them and also juices with vitamin-enriched milk under the brand  Bifrutas, which consists of a drink that perfectly combines the nutritional value of milk and all the vitamins in fruit. 

The Group’s brands are well distributed in both Continental Portugal and the Islands. In the key C&C and traditional channels the dairy products segment – yoghurts and desserts – assumes a greater importance, while in Modern Distribution, the segments of soy products and juices have greater weight in the largest food distribution chains.   

As well as the segments and brands mentioned above as strategic priorities, the Group also offers other dairy products such as Pascual milk, Yosport (long-life liquid yoghurt), milkshakes (flavoured milk) and spray creams (Chantilly). 

As well as dairy products (milk, yoghurt and long-life desserts that do not need refrigerating – pasteurized after fermentation – Yosport (long-life liquid yoghurt), milkshakes and spray creams) other segments, such as soy products and juices are commercialized by the Leche Pascual Group under various brand names: Vivesoy (soy and juice drinks) and Bifrutas (juice with vitamin-enriched milk). 

Pascual Yoghurts – The consumption of dairy products is essential for health, given their excellent nutritional qualities. For this reason, Pascual yoghurts are an ideal daily meal, providing calcium and proteins, made with 80% milk. Thanks to the process of pasteurization after fermentation, the end product is high-quality, preservative-free and long lasting with a shelf life of up to 7 months, all while keeping its flavor and nutritional value intact. As they do not need to be refrigerated they are convenient and practical for consumption outside the house. This also makes transportation and storage of the product, making it possible to distribute them anywhere in the world.














Liquid yoghurt made with fruit juice.


Made in a traditional way with the best selection of ingredients, with no preservatives. They do not need to be kept in the cold until opened.






A high quality product thanks to all the know-how used in its production that has been a part of the Leche Pascual group since the beginning. Available in half fat or full fat.


Practical and convenient, ready-whipped cream – chantilly – available in a spray-can packaging, made with the best quality Pascual milk.