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Arla Foods is a Danish dairy products company, a result of the cooperative union of various Danish, Swedish and German farm owners and milk producers. It has production centres in 13 countries and sales offices in more than 20. Arla owns a series of brands of cheese that are well-positioned and recognised, above all in Northern Europe.

Castello® is a global brand of premium cheeses from Arla that has existed since 2006. The brand was bought with the objective of gaining a firm position in international markets. In 2011, Arla relaunched House of Castello, broadening its range of specialty cheeses.    Currently, the majority of Arla’s speciality cheeses belong to Castello®, with a unique flavour and texture, produced with tried and tested skills. 


Castello® is sold all over the world. Its largest market is Denmark, followed by Australia, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland, the USA and Canada.

In Portugal, the brand is widely distributed, both on the Continent and in the Islands, in the retail and wholesale channels. In the retail sector, it has gained wide coverage and is sold in Jerónimo Martins Group, Sonae, E.Leclerc, Intermarché, Dia and  El Corte Inglés chains.

The brand has been present in Portugal since 2010, always as one of JMD’s represented brands.


Castello® represents speciality cheeses. Currently only the blue cheese is available in the Portuguese market, along with some exclusive cheeses, with more products expected shortly.


The product currently represented is Danish blue cheese, with an intense, lightly salted flavor, packaged with a cover that allows for multiple uses without loss of quality, goes by the name of Castello Danish Blue Tradicional.