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Arla Finello

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Arla Foods is a Danish dairy products company, a result of the cooperative union of various Danish, Swedish and German farm owners and milk producers. It has production centres in 13 countries and sales offices in more than 20. Arla owns a series of brands of cheese that are well-positioned and recognised, above all in Northern Europe.

Arla Finello® is a special kind of cheese contains less water compared to traditional Italian mozzarella. This significant difference allows its conservation time to be longer, which in turn helps the stability of the cheese. Unlike Italian mozzarella, it is also made from cow’s milk

The brand has been present in Portugal since 2010, always as one of JMD’s represented brands.


Arla Finello® is produced on a farm in Rødkærsbro in Denmark. It is sold in the Nordic countries as well as various countries across Europe.

In Portugal, the brand is widely distributed, both on the Continent and in the Islands, in the retail and wholesale channels. In the retail sector, it has gained wide coverage and is sold in Jerónimo Martins Group, Sonae, E.Leclerc, Intermarché, Dia and  El Corte Inglés chains.


The Arla Finello® began as a range of grated mozzarella cheese for easy and fun use. Currently, the range has grown to include various types of cheese: Cheddar, Emmenthal and Regato, among others. It is a selection of high quality cheese aimed at creating the perfect cooking experience, and at the same time it is a mixture of grated cheese, ready to use and easy to spread.


In Portugal, the versions sold are grated cheese, cheese in cubes and, most recently, fresh powdered cheese. It is a cheese with lots of uses for cooking, in convenient packaging, with a zip closure and an inspiring recipe on the back of the packet.