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Red Band Truly

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Red Band Truly was founded in Holland in 1928 and immediately began to bring its innovations to the market for sweets, using distinctive packaging and promising pleasure, quality and enjoyment. It was a brand owned by the Italian company Leaf, and the partnership with this brand begun in 2008.

Leaf was an Italian company with a factory in Holland that owned the Truly and Red Band brands.

In March 2013, Leaf and Cloetta merged, and became “New Cloetta”. This Scandinavian business is one of the first chocolate companies – 1862. Cloetta has a wide range of iconic and strategic brands in its portfolio. This fusion makes it possible to include all technologies, both in the category of chocolates and of confectionery products. 


In Portugal, Red Band Truly is present both on the Continent and in the Islands, in the retail and wholesale channels. In the retail sector, the brand has gained wide coverage and is currently available in various shops throughout the country: it is sold in the chains of the Jerónimo Martins Group, the Sonae Group, Auchan, E.Leclerc, Dia and El Corte Inglés. 



Sweets in their original form, to delight even the most sweet-toothed consumer, with a 100% promise of pleasure, quality and enjoyment. This range includes two products, one of which in an extra-large size with sweets of various colours and flavours. There are four more products in this range exclusive to Sonae.


High quality sweets made with real fruit juice, with no artificial colourants and with 30% less sugar. They are ideal for those who are looking for flavor and quality whilst still maintaining a healthy diet.