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Droste chocolates were created in Holland in 1863 by Gerardus Johannes Droste, distinguishing themselves with their quality and unique format. They are currently owned by Hosta, which bought the chocolates in 1997, but the company still operates independently.

Using only the best Dutch chocolate, Droste chocolates are shaped like pastilles, rounded on top and flat on the bottom. In this way, the chocolate sits perfectly between the tongue and the roof of the mouth, so it can be fully appreciated as it melts. Since their creation, Droste chocolates have remained faithful to the traditions of their founder and his belief in ‘the true taste of chocolate’. 


Droste chocolates are currently sold in over 70 countries worldwide, making them the best known Dutch chocolates.

In Portugal, Droste is present both on the Continent and in the Islands, in the retail and wholesale channels. In the retail sector, it has gained wide coverage and is sold in Grupo Jerónimo Martins, Sonae, Auchan, E.Leclerc, Intermarché, Dia and  El Corte Inglés chains.


The Droste range has tubes of chocolate pastilles in diferent flavours and sizes - 100g and 170g.

Tubes 100g

Available flavours: Milk, Milk&White, Milk&Dark, Dark, Stracciatella, Orange, Mint and Butterscotch.

Tubes 170g

Available flavours: Milk, Dark, Milk&White + Milk&Dark and Mint + Orange.